How to let go in your business?

Letting go what doesn't serve you anymore....

What does it mean to let go in your business?  What am I talking about anyways? Letting go has so many dimensions to it.  When it comes to running a business as an Online Business Manager, I see a lot of holding on to what is not needed anymore.  Here are 8 ways to help you let go in your business today and start giving yourself the freedom, time and balance back in your life.  If we are lucky maybe even some insanity back… Just kidding…


Let’s start with your Mindset. To help your business grow and flourish you have to let go of all that negativity you are holding on to… I see it a lot.  Fear creeps in and when directed in a negative way it just ruins opportunities within the business.  Opportunities for growth and expansion.  Whether you’re negative to yourself or about other people.  Having negative thoughts just turn out to be a big disaster and can affect every part of your business from getting clients, working with people to making more profits.

Having fear is not the problem. Fear can be a great tool to motivate a person and if directed correctly can bring some real change.  However, living in fear within your business can bring some drama to it that will not work.

Another thing I see is not letting go of control.  When you are afraid of letting your team work for you and not learn to step back you will never have your time back.  Having your business run without you may leave you feeling empty and with no significance. I think that is a normal response.  But learning to fill your life with other items that bring significance back to your life can really help with that.   The more you build a strong structure in your business and can let go the sooner you can fill your life with things that really matter to you.


Surrounding yourself with the right kind of people can help you stay positive and inflow.  Bringing negative people in your life that bring you down, talk negatively about your business adventure and what you are doing is just going to cause extra stress, doubt, and misbelief.  That is why it is important to keep yourself positive and in a good flow of movement.  People can have an adverse reaction in your business if you let them.  So don’t let them and keep yourself in a positive state. When you do that you can let go easier and not have doubt bring you worries you don’t need.


Having the right kind of people on your team can really help you in your business.  I see this a lot when hiring people they are negative and fearful about who they hired and how they were screwed over and don’t trust.   Bringing that kind of negativity and fear will never allow you to let go.  Because you can’t if there is a constant emergency going on your mind.  It doesn’t matter who you hire, how good or bad they worked for you, you will find the wrong in them and create drama until you push them away or let them go.

One of my biggest pet peeves is putting someone through a ridiculous hiring process that at the end of the day will never tell you if you have the right person for the job.  Just because you are an Entrepreneur or Business owner doesn’t mean the laws for hiring someone are exempt.  Instead of creating crazy and no value interview processes design a process that will allow you to see how motivated someone is and what habits they have in their work.  Personality tests are great and fun but at the end of the day if you have hired a high achiever and performer it really will not matter what those scores are.

Identifying a clear process, outlining clear deliverable and setting a standard for your team to work off of will provide you a lot more space to let go. The more you build your team to be independent and really know your business and work with you in your business the more you will see how you can get more work done with fewer people and without you there. An added benefit is you could save money too.  Creating a process and automating as much as possible will allow you more freedom and give you the trust you are looking for so you can let go in peace.

~Business Tools, training’s and structure~

When you set your business, up to have a clear structure, identify your processes and build them out.  You can train your team, find the right tools and tech and you are on your way to being able to let go and have more freedom in your business. Another thing I see is many businesses have no structure.  People are in reaction mode and just getting by.

If you are looking to have freedom and time set a structure in your business so that it can run without you.  Pick out the best tools and tech train your team on how to use them and let go and see what happens at the end of the day you will notice work will get done without you. If you are working 70 hours a week and have a team then you need to re-look at how you are running your business and what processes you can improve.  The idea is to get more work done in less time.  Automate as much as possible create processes and write the SOP for your business.  Do this and letting go will be very easy for you to do. Click here if you want to read more about Standards and Operations.

~Metrics and Money ~


Metrics in your business is a critical piece of information that measures your business success and lack thereof.  It gives you critical information to make real business decisions.  When you don’t track metrics and look at them you are not having the pulse on your business.  This is something your Online Business Manager can do for you.  If you don’t know your customer value acquisition, cost of goods, revenue, P&L, General Administrative costs, and other metrics then you can’t measure how well you are progressing.  It can appear that you are making money, but when you look at the metrics and how much it cost per client or customer that cost can be high and you won’t even know.  Be clear about your metrics and know what is going on when you do it then it will be easier for you to be able to let go.


Money is a conversation that no one really talks about.  They talk about making profits, increasing or decreasing profits.  Let talk about what you’re doing with your money.  Do you have a budget, do you know where your money is going, how much your spending in your business, are you saving money.  If you don’t know where you stand with the money in your business then you can’t let go.  Creating good money habits and getting rid of money habits that don’t serve you can help.  If you have to worry about your money in your business then you will not be able to let go.  Take the time to focus on this area and build out a plan, a budget, look at your metrics and set some real goals.  It doesn’t have to be a scary thing or a negative thing.  Be open to having money flow… Flow in, flow out and back in again.  Get rid of things that stop the flow of money and be open to bringing value to others.  When you can feel good about your money then you can easily let go of your business.  You won’t be searching for that next shiny thing…

~Fear and Significance~


Some people are outright afraid to walk away from their business.  They invested so much time, energy and effort they don’t want to see something go bad.  They are afraid of the unknown and the what-ifs… There are steps that you can take to ensure you have nothing to worry about.  First thing is to hire an Online Business Manager and have them help you build structure, process, automation, and direction for your business.  When you know that your business is built the right way, running the right way, with the right people in place and you’re aware of where you are at in your business it will be easy to walk away and let go.  Knowing you can trust your team to manage your business while you are gone gives you the kind of freedom that can put you in a completely new category of Business Ownership.  Even when being a control freak you will know you have someone that can handle it while you are gone.  They can fix your issues, remove your stress, worries and give you peace of mind… That is when you can really let go. 


A lot of people need to work in their business because it provides a level of significance in their life.  However, when you realize you don’t need to work in your business to have significance and replace the significance with creations, innovation, vision and other things you can let go…  We all have a dream, vision a purpose a path… What is yours and what do you want to do.  Write it out everything you want to do in your life and then start doing it.  You don’t  have to be working in the business all the time. Get significance in your life outside of your business and you will be able to let go.

~Addictions and Distractions~


I see many business owners with addictions and it is sad to see.  They run from their responsibilities, they use it as an escape from their own misbeliefs, problems and fears.  Addictions come in many forms.  From drugs and alcohol to money addictions, to addicted to distractions, the internet and Social Media.  I could go on.   Letting go in your business for addictions is not the way to go.  It creates chaos, instability in your business; it makes it hard to work for you or with you, and can prevent you from growing your business.   If you realize or suspect you many have an addiction get help.  You can’t let go in a business if you are not even able to run it.  You can’t run a business in a healthy way if you have a parasite on your back sucking the life out of you. Get the right help you need so you can build a business you can let go in.


I wanted to add an extra note about distractions.  Distractions are no better.  Being caught on your phone all the time bringing no time to your family or yourself and friends. Giving no time to your life.  Your so distracted you can’t focus on your business, your goals and what is truly important to you.  Being addicted to distractions do not serve anyone.  You can’t effectively run a business being distracted all the time.  Using distractions to ignore your problems, not make decisions, and not connect with your team just leads to under performance, bitterness and resentfulness and ultimately low progress.  There are times when distractions can be useful.  I call it a positive distraction.  But must be managed with awareness and real intent.  I can talk more about that in another article.  If you can manage your distractions and set your priorities, have some discipline then you will be able to let go in your business and have more freedom.  First step to eliminating any addictions or distraction is to become aware there is a problem…

~Letting Go in general~

There comes a time when you just have to let go; in your business, your personal life even in your emotions and how you feel. You get so caught up in building a business, making money, taking that next course or even with those friends who are negative. There is always an opinion, always something there waiting for your last minute your last dollar your last emotion that you forget what it is your doing all together.

Are you so scattered that you forgot why you are even doing what you are doing? Did you lose the meaning of what got you started in the first place? Has the ego been the one driving for so long that you forgot to just let go and Be?

Sometimes you just have to let go. Let go of that course that is no longer serving you. Let’s get real the courses are great and serve a great purpose but you don’t need them all and you don’t need them all right now. Let go of that friend that discounts everything you say. It just gets in the way of you really thinking clearly and undermines your true brilliance. Let go of all the negativity that is held up inside you. If you’re holding on to some emotion, thought, experience. Let it go and give it some rest so you can be free and open to being you. Sometimes you have to let go of all the things that no longer serve you and open yourself up to what does.

Sometimes that means letting go of those people, things, situations, etc. that are close to you and that you care about. Alternatively, those things you do to pass your time by because you do not want to face what you are really feeling. Have you ever felt that way?  Having balance in your life is about looking at the whole picture, cutting out what doesn’t work, and adding in those things that will work.

If you have a business that you find is creating stress, chaos and an unending amount of things to do it is time to start getting the help you need so you can let go.   You do not have to hold onto the burden of doing it all yourself. Allow yourself to having someone work alongside you so you can achieve great things. The minute you decide to look at your whole picture of what you are doing, how you are feeling, and why you are continuing down this path is the time when you can decide to start getting the help you need and let go.   You can experience true freedom, more energy and more clarity and peace when you decide you are done holding on to the things that wont bring you what you desire.  You can have the time and freedom you want.  

If you want someone to tap into your mission and vision and work with you to create a balanced business one that is run off of strong foundation of systems, processes and a team that aligns with your values then lets schedule a free No Obligation Strategy call and see how I can help you on that journey.

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About the Author:

Jules Sanchez is the founder and CEO of Jules Business Management Company. She serves two non-profits Police2peace and The Meditation Effect. She helps business owners structure their business so they can scale and grow. As a result, business owners have a system that is tailored to their business, their team supports their clients and a Operations run like clockwork. She studies Business Management, Leadership, and Self-Development. She currently is writing a book The Business Journey: A Path to Life’s True Creation.