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Hi, my name is

Jules Sanchez

Executive Leader, Business Operations Expert

Specializing in Business Operations

My Mission Statement

I support small business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with having enough time in their day to manage their business and is overwhelmed with the endless to do list and wants their business to operate more systematically so that they can have more freedom from the business and live the life they want. 

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You should meet me first

Hi I am Jules, Online Business Manager!

I am a Business Manager, Vision Holder and Integrator. I specialize in Business Operations, Business Management, Project management, Team Leadership, Planning, Strategy, Financial Management, Human Resources and technology.  I have been in the business management field for over 20 years.

Working for various types of businesses.  From Brick and Mortar, Federal Agencies and Online Businesses. The last 8 years have been more specialized to Online Business Management.

I understand the frustrations of staying focused in the business. Making time for creative planning, staying in sync with the business rhythm. Not having focused priorities in the business that can prevent you growing and getting tasks completed.

Why Work With Me?


Dedicated to the work, team and businesses I serve


Professional attitude integrity with people. Creative and innovated while working in the business.

Service Towards Others

Professional attitude integrity with people. Creative and innovated while working in the business.


Where did I get my skills


Tacoma Community College

SEP 1999 — Jun 2022

My education has given me the skills to Lead the Team and Manage the Business Operations.  

My devotion to self development has given me the skills to bring the best parts of me to the work that I do. 

My purpose is to live a life with passion, inspiration and meaning and I bring that in all areas of my life. 


Jules Business Mangement

Founder and CEO I created a business management company to help business owners focus on the right areas of the business and support the team so we can work on the dream that is bigger than all of us.  

Federal Aviation Administration

Working for the FAA for over 7 years I was able to support a team and a section that had an amazing mission to serve our community and provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. 

Army/ Washington Army National Guard

Serving our military for over 13 years supporting the missions and daily operations of our Headquarters, Brigade, Battalion and Companies. 

Work history


August 01, 2014 to Present
Jules Business Management
Providing Operational Support in areas of Business Management, Project Management, Human Resources, Financial Management, Metrics. and Executive Leadership.
August 01, 2014 to Present
Sep 2012 to April 2019
Federal Aviation Administration
Providing Operational support, Federal Financial Management, HR Support, Project Management, Metrics, Administrative support and Executive Leadership.
Sep 2012 to April 2019
Nov 2001 to Nov 2013
Washington Military Department
Executive Leadership, Operational Support, HR Services, Executive Assistant for Headquarters, Project Management, Logistics, Administrative Support.
Nov 2001 to Nov 2013
Jan 1999-Nov 2001
Office Manager
Operational Support, Financial Management, Logistics, Human Resources, Customer Support, Project management, Administrative Support.
Jan 1999-Nov 2001

Professional Credentials and Certifications

Julaine-Sanchez Certification
customer Value Optimization Specialist
Customer Aquisition
Project Managment Badge
Ecommerce Marketing Speciliast
Product Launch VA
Internet Marketing Badge
Content Marketing
Social Media Advertising
Internet Marketing Badge
Online Event Management
Fix This Next Coach
Content Development badge

My Unique Approach

I look at your vision and the business as a whole and create a plan that will drive your business toward growth.  I see what the key areas are that you need to focus on and work toward building a business that can grow and scale.  I take your vision and put into  action.  I love to be behind the scenes to make the magic happen in your business to take it to the next level.  

Julaine-Sanchez Certification

My Personality Assessment Scores




Myers Briggs


Strengths Finder


Human Design

Business Management

My Expertise

Strategy And

Developing a Strategic plan of action to meet your buisnes objectives.

Operations Management

Using the latest business practices to  create the highest level of efficiency possible.  


Initiating, planning and executing, controling, and closing the work to achieve goals in a specified time. 

Financial Management

Planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities of the business.

Team Leadership

Providing guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to the team for the purpose of achieving aligned results.


Metrics Management

Measurements of the objectives.  Measure the value created from the daily operations, sales and marketing of the business.

Human Resource Management

Managing the company’s HR strategic plan. Overseeing the recruiting, interviewing, hiring of new staff, onboarding, training, compliance and talent management. Developing a HR Department for small businesses.

Transformational Action Steps

Product/Service Development

Stages involved to bringing a new concept or idea, through marketing release and beyond.  Including the journey, designing and product needs.  

A Few of the Books From My Reading List!

A Little About Me:

Here’s a few things about me and my life!

I’m a Mom of a Son named Lakota age 9.  He is smart, funny and all grown up. 

I love animals.  Have a dog (Ruston), three cats (Rana, Maveric & Athena) and fish.  I would love to have a salt water tank one day with a puffer fish.  

I like to read about business, communication and self-development. I am always working on improving and refining my habits. 

I study natural health, medicine and fitness.  It is just who I am.  I love to appy these and see what works for me and my family.  

We love to go to the Zoo, Aquarium and frequent the ocean to look at whales and dolphins. 

We are avid park hoppers!

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