Meet Jules


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jules sanchez


Hi I am Jules, Founder & CEO. Jules Business Management Company grew out of my passion to manage businesses and organizations with better leadership and more effective operations. I am a Business Manager, Vision Holder and Integrator. I specialize in Business Operations, Project Management, Team Leadership, Planning, Strategy, Business Coaching, Events, and CRM .

I have been in the business management field for over 20 years, working for various types of businesses.  From Brick and Mortar, Federal Agencies and Online Businesses. The last 6 years have been more specialized to Online Businesses. I understand the frustrations of staying focused in your business. Making time for creative planning, staying in sync with the business rhythm. Not having focused priorities in the business will prevent you from growing and having the impact your looking for.

I love working with purpose driven business owners, because that is what drives me to be my best for you. I naturally fall in sync with the mission you envision for your business.

I specialize in small business operations and partner with small business owners who are ready to grow and scale their business. I help you get clear on what to focus on next in your business.

My Unique Approach

I look at your vision and the business as a whole and create a plan that will drive your business toward growth.  I see what the key areas are that you need to focus on and work toward building a business that can grow and scale.  I take your vision and put into action.  I love to be behind the scenes to make the magic happen in your business to take it to the next level.  

Julaine-Sanchez Certification

Why Work With Me?


Dedicated to the business, the team, the work and the results.  


Maintaining Professional Integrity while working with my clients, teams, and other people.  

Service To Others

Listening, understanding people, Connecting and navigating with other people.

A Little About Me:

Here’s a few things about me and my life!

I’m a Mom of a Son- Lakota age 9.  He is smart, funny and all grown up.  

I love animals.  I have a dog (Ruston), three cats (Rana, Maveric & Athena) and fish.  I would love to have a salt water tank one day with a puffer fish.  

I like to read about business, communication and self-development.  I am always working on improving and refining my routines.  

I study natural health and medicine. It is just who I am.  I love to apply these and see what works for me and my family. 

Fitness and nutrition are an area I love to learn about.  I collect many different fitness programs for variety. 

We love to go to the Zoo, Aquarium and frequent the ocean to look at whales and dolphins. 

We are avid park hoppers!  

Non Profits I love to Support

These are non profits I love to support because their mission is making a difference in our communities!

Police2Peace ® is a research-driven organization that creates demonstrably positive changes in the way communities and departments engage with one another.

Give a Farm Animal  a Safe, Loving, Forever Home.  We have low cost spayed and nuter programs to help keep  from overpopulation in the community.  

The mission is to diminish the impact of learning disorders in the lives of individuals.

Let's Work Together!

I start every project with a simple conversation, getting to know you and your business needs.  Then we create a customized work strategy to bring your needs and vision to reality.