Yearly Business Planning Package

Architect A Yearly Business Plan That Will Give You A Strategic Focus!

Your Yearly Business Planning

You are finally getting things done this year with a clear picture, moving in a direction you want to go with accountability to make sure your staying on track.  It Provides you with an opportunity to strategize about what is most pressing in your business and keep you focused on the main thing, it is customized for your business needs and you wont lose track to where you are through out the year..  

The Benefits You Will Experience

  • Focused Time on your business
  • Strategize about what's pressing in your business right now
  • Move in a forward direction for your year
  • Leave with a prioritized, concrete action steps
  • Plan for for the next 90 Days
  • Accountability

What Do You Actually Get?

In This Planning Package I am going to Lead you in a Year of success by creating a plan with you for the year, to include:

  • 2 Day Business Planning Session. Two days up to 6 hours each with breaks to dive into your business plan and create the vision that you want ofr the next year.
  • 4 Quarter Planning Sessions. Each Quarter we will get together for a 90 min quarterly planning session.
  • Project Plan. After our business planning session I will put together a project plan for your new vision.
  • Set Up Project Management Tool. I will put all your tasks in teamwork from the project plan that you agreed upon.

Have you...

  • Ever wanted to create a yearly business plan that you will actually implement?
  • Wanted to get a head-start with your planning so you can start fresh and be ready to move forward in your business?
  • Said I will get to that and never do because it isn't on the calendar or you didn't give it a priority?
  • Always have something come up when you go to focus on building your plan/business?
  • Wanted a fresh perspective or just someone to run ideas by and get some feedback on?
Multiracial business people working together connected with technological devices like tablet and notebook - teamwork, business, working concept

We Will Create a Business Road-Map And Look at:

  • Where you were last year
  • Where you are now
  • Where you want to go
  • What you need to get there
  • We will break it into bite-size chunks
  • Set some goals
  • Create a plan
  • Implement the new Plan you created

Who Is This For?

This Is For You!

This is for anyone who wants to get clear about their yearly business planning and wants accountability for the year. 

It is for the person that want to sit down with someone and just focus on their business and get it moving in a forward direction for the year.  

It is for the business owner that just needs that time and accountability to help them stay on track, get more focused, and finally accomplish those goals this year.  

Business Team Meeting Project Planning Concept

Do You Want To Have a Yearly Business Planning Party With Your Favorite Business Besties?

Business people designer architects teamwork brainstorming planning office meeting concept
  • Get Your Two Favorite Business Besties Together and Plan to Meet All Year long.
  • You Can Collaborate On The Newest Trends You See In Your Industry.
  • You are Guaranteed to See Your Bestie at Least 6 Times this Year.
  • Your Focused on Business Growth.
  • Get Support From Your Favorite People.
  • When You are Done You Have a Project Plan and It will be put into Teamwork for Each of You

How Awesome is that!

What You Will Create And Leverage In Your Business

First you will take inventory and look at what is going on in your business. You will become aware of what is going on.  You will De-clutter anything in your business that is no longer serving you to leave room for what the new year can bring.

Then you will look at your vision and mission and values and see if there is anything that needs to be changed, updated or moved around  You will gain clarity about what your year will look like.

You will get focused, set clear goals and objectives for the new year. These will be the most important items you need to focus on to drive growth in your business.

You will review your financials and your budget  and set some clear milestones for each quarter.

You will look at your marketing and your promotions and see what you want for the new year.  Look at what worked and what direction you want to go.

Finally, I will set up in teamwork your project plan, tasks and objectives for the year. I will update every quarter as we go through your quarterly review together.

Get ahead start in your business and get your planning done so you can start the new year fresh ready to move forward in your business.

Register today and get focused on growing your business!

Yearly Business Planning

Strategic Plan
$ 2000 One Payment
  • 2 Day Business Planning
  • 4 Quarterly PLanning Session
  • Project Plan
  • Set up Project Management Tool

Yearly Business Planning

Strategic Plan
$ 1100 2 Payment Option
  • 2 Day Business Planning
  • 4 Quarterly PLanning Session
  • Project Plan
  • Set up Project Management Tool

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